“Let them eat cake,” writes Noah Levin, adding, “I spy the Jefferson Market.” Make that the “fabulous Jefferson Market and Cakery, across…from my daughter’s school,” writes Linda Etter. “What a wonderful place to hang out!” “The head of Mercury is almost an Ann Arbor icon,” observes Cherie Holodnick, referring to the sign whose design was carried over from a prior incarnation. “Sadly,” she continues, “I miss the former kitschiness.” But pastry chef Mary Rasmussen’s revival of the shop added a sweet edge–while maintaining basic foodstuffs, sandwiches, and soups, it is, as Cathy Chow quotes its motto and our clue, “saving the world from bad cake.”

Twenty entrants correctly identified the building. Patty Turpen won our random drawing and will take her $25 gift certificate to Zingerman’s.

To enter this month’s contest, use the clue and photo on the Back Page of the June Observer to find the spot shown, then follow the instructions at the bottom of the page.