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A Week Before Chinese New Year

On our way to see the haircut aunties a week before Chinese New Year, we run into our little friend Miss Hu (who the kids say should go to medical school so that she can become Doctor Hu). We take a picture together and tell her...

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Scrabble Heaven

Chuck Armstrong is a polite, soft-­spoken, and engaging man. You’d never guess he is a barracuda at Scrabble. Did you know there are competitive Scrabble tournaments? I certainly didn’t when I first started...

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Ode to The Treasure Mart

In 1973, I was a senior at U-M, heading off to grad school at UCLA. My dorm room at Baits Housing, high on a hill overlooking North Campus, was filled with mementos and metaphysical charms: tissue paper flowers, stuffed animals,...

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Reaching Out

After forwarding a variety of news stories to a friend in Las Vegas on January 21, as an afterthought I texted, “Watch this Wuhan, China event, they’ve shut down a city of over 50 million people. Imagine if that...

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Puzzles in the Time of Coronavirus

Forget toilet paper shortages. One of the earliest items to sell out during this siege was jigsaw puzzles. Finally, I am ahead of the trend! I didn’t need to worry about procuring any, because I try to keep a few...

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