Calls & Letters, August 2022

The election is August 2! After reading the July issue, Michael Homel of the Ann Arbor Stamp Club emailed calendar editor Jennifer Taylor to point out that our Inside Ann Arbor article on the proposed AAATA millage “claims the...

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Question Corner, August 2022

Q. Can you explain Michigan’s rules for ordering wine shipments?  A. Michigan’s laws governing alcohol sales are labyrinthine. When the 21st Amendment ended Prohibition in 1933, the state set up a three-tier regulatory system: a...

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Long Covid

It’s called “Long Covid,” and Smith is a member of a particularly susceptible population. In a new U-M study, one in four women reported symptoms lasting more than ninety days, compared to one in six men.  “I didn’t need to be...

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Big 16

It was the best-kept secret on campus. Not that the U-M regents were hiring Santa Ono as the U-M’s...

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Heart Attack, Meet Covid 

Yet compared to last winter’s Delta variant surge, Omicron’s spring visit was mild. In Delta’s worst week in January, twenty-one county residents died of Covid-19. In May and early June, the death toll never exceeded three a...

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Restaurant on Hold

 Cesar Ochoa is ready to open his second restaurant on N. Main—if he can find enough employees. With a gleaming bar, colorful wall art, and a basement speakeasy with a secret entrance, Havana is otherwise set to offer...

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