Grey Box in the Winter Woods

Prince Charles and Princess Diana embrace, surrounded by festive bunting, bouquets of flowers, and even cherubs, in a painting celebrating their wedding. It’s like a message from a forgotten time, before their divorce, the...

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Chris Nordin Adds a Gallery

Chris Nordin Studios Gallery on Ann St. is an exhibit space for its namesake artist and a rotating series of guest artists whose styles he feels complement his own. A warm and intimate space, with exposed brick walls outfitted...

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Offing Louis XVI

The calendar listing for Bløm Meadworks’ Wednesday board game night says you can join existing games or bring your own game partners. I’ve been traveling for a few years and am eager to meet up with my girl Maria. We did...

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Music Review: Braxton

Of all the artists performing this month at Edgefest, the annual festival of avant-garde jazz and creative new music October 19–22 at Kerrytown Concert House, Anthony Braxton may be the most challenging to describe succinctly....

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