Saline Community Guide

The city of Saline, named for salt springs that are now being developed into a new park, has grown almost as much as it can within current boundaries, from 8,810 souls in 2010 to 8,948 in the 2020 census. Growth continues to occur in the townships nearby; formerly almost completely rural Saline Township grew from 1,900 to 2,277, and York Township, sprouting new subdivisions almost every year, grew by nearly 5 percent, from 8,708 to 9,108. The attractions for both city and township dwellers are similar. Saline is family oriented and cohesive, with an impressively high-tech high school built during the last boom. The city has a walkable downtown where you could eat out every night for a week and not exhaust all the options, and there’s lots going on there in summer. But even while keeping a small-town feel, Saline offers easy access to larger population centers-plenty of Saline residents work in town, or in Ann Arbor, but the city is close to major highways, and Detroit and its suburbs are feasible as well.