My Town

Spelunker’s Nightmare

One morning recently, a passerby came across a group of city workers gathered around a manhole at the intersection of W. Washington and Seventh. Two men were chatting near their truck as two other men turned a hand crank to...

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The Quarterback Who Vanished

James Joy Miller seemed, in the fall of 1909, to be on the golden path to athletic fame at the University of Michigan. Pity it all came to a sudden crashing end. For this, Miller had only himself to blame.Born in 1886, Miller...

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Canning for Dollars

“Drop the bag,” the police officer demanded. He’d caught me wandering through the eager tailgaters at the U-M Golf Course carrying a half-full thirty-nine-gallon Hefty trash bag. “You can’t pick up...

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Locavore vs Carnival-vore

Having grown up in Ann Arbor, I was eager to show off my frozen custard at one of the city’s premier events, the annual Art Fair. I have owned and run Fluffy Bottom Farms for three years now. Although we’re mainly...

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The Train to Chicago

My life in Ann Arbor began as a U-M freshman, when my mom and I filled her banana-yellow Volkswagen Rabbit with most of my belongings and drove up US-23 from my hometown of Columbus. Unfortunately, she couldn’t chauffeur...

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A True Place

We plan to gather at Island Park. We’ll have a fire in a brazier and invite dance, performance, and conversation among friends. I will present a dance about a firebird emerging from the heart of a tree. Just before the...

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