You know how annoying it is when the media takes incomplete, flawed data and uses it to draw a really broad conclusion? Well, prepare to be annoyed.

Last month’s Fake Ad was the most difficult to find in months. We know this because we received only fifty-nine entries#PAGEBREAK#correctly identifying the Fake Ad for the Ann Arbor Musical Theater Guild on p. 49 of the May Observer. Now here’s the flawed data part: our incoming mail server was down during the first weekend after the issue came out, meaning we may not have received quite a few emailed entries, along with, we assume, several dozen emails praising the Observer staff for its hard work, talent, physical fitness, and general attractiveness. Please resend.

In light of the incomplete data set, we’ll go with anecdotal evidence to confirm our assumptions:

#PAGEBREAK#”This may be the most plausible fake ad ever,” wrote Lisa Johnson. “I passed this one over a half a dozen times until I finally spotted our dear friend ‘Barb Orweb.'”

And Jane Hollingsworth wrote: “I can normally find the Fake Ad pretty quickly, but this time it took me three tries! Very clever!

And one more from Tom Jameson: “For some reason this one was harder to find than several have been maybe better disguised!”

Katherine Dunham was chosen as our winner. She is taking her $25 gift certificate to Zingerman’s.

#PAGEBREAK#To enter this month’s contest, find the phony and follow instructions on the Back Page of the June Observer. The Fake Ad always includes the word “arborweb.”