Click here to view of zoomable map of April, 2010, crime reports from the Ann Arbor Police Department and the public safety departments of the U-M and Pittsfield Township.

Sexual assaults took an alarming jump in April: seventeen assaults and attempts were reported, more than double the eight reported in April 2009. But the increase is not the work of a single sexual predator: a close count of the symbols reveals that “stranger” assaults actually fell, from three last year to two this April. The increase was entirely due to “acquaintance” assaults.


“Date rape” and other crimes where the victim knows her assailant are much less discussed than stranger attacks, but far more common: nationally they are thought to make up at least 80 percent of all assaults, and they accounted for nearly 90 percent of April’s reports.

April 2010 Crime totals (including attempts)

Burglaries 48

Sexual Assaults 17

Vehicle Thefts 19

Robberies 10

Homicides 0


April 2009 Crime totals (including attempts)

Burglaries 53

Sexual Assaults 8

Vehicle Thefts 17

Robberies 6

Homicides 0