Early in November, “Andrew Waston” emailed the Observer with a story idea. He said he was part of a babysitting pool of stay-at-home dads, whose members were saving “tons of money” using online coupons.

When we called and asked what side of town he lived on, “Waston” fell silent. “Ann Arbor Hills? Burns Park? The Old West Side?” we prompted. “The Old West Side,” he answered–but then he had difficulty remembering what his wife did for a living.

Growing wary, we googled. His name didn’t show up in the Ann Arbor white pages, and the phone number he called from was a landline in Illinois. Then we searched for “Andrew Waston coupons,” and sure enough, there he was … couponing with his buddies again, only this time in Hilton Head, South Carolina.

Waston told the Island Packet just what he told the Observer–that he and his stay-at-home buddies were saving a ton of money using those online coupons. As an added touch, Waston told the Packet that his last online purchase was a golf club–in Ann Arbor, “Waston” told us, he and the guys played hockey. “I don’t think a lot of people do this,” Watson told the Packet reporter–presumably referring to couponing, not to scamming reporters.