Last month’s Fake Ad–for the Victorious Egret lingerie shop for bird-watchers–lured 236 clever Fake Adders out of the bush. It also ruffled a few feathers among birders–though only “those who aren’t from A2,” emails Cendra Lynn. “Evidently the umich birders listserv serves people as far away as Iqaluit and Germany. Go figure!”

Locals took it in better humor. “Being a bird-watcher, the ad caught my eye,” wrote Dan Jarrell. “I knew that we’re much more likely to wear warm, layered, insect resistant clothing than lingerie.”

“All of my bird-watching friends would love this shop if it existed,” wrote Ypsilanti’s Nancie Loppnow, “as they all crave sexy lingerie when they are out with their binoculars in the marshes, the favorite haunt of all egrets.”

The name of the store caught Jessica Detwiler’s ear. “As a former Victoria’s Secret employee, I appreciate a good Vicky’s joke–very clever!” she wrote.

Paul Schwab was chosen as our winner. He’s taking his gift certificate to the Earle.

The Fake Ad always contains the word “arborweb”–in January, “web” was hidden in the phone number. To enter this month’s contest, find the phony ad somewhere in the February Observer and follow the instructions on the “Back Page.” The winner of our drawing earns a $25 gift certificate to any advertiser in the issue. The deadline for entries is noon on Thursday, February 11.