“I spy the ‘Wave Field’ by Maya Lin,” writes first-time entrant Alex Cao, identifying January’s I Spy. “It’s designed by the same architect/artist as the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, D.C.,” adds Ginny Weingate. The landscape sculpture is on North Campus, “at Hayward and Beal, behind the Francois-Xavier Bagnoud” Center, writes Barbara Bushkuhl.

“Little kids at the North Campus Day Care call it ‘bumpy field,'” shares Mary Keeley–“a fun place to play hide and seek.” “During the summer this is a favorite stop for [students attending] the U-M Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) program,” writes Jamie Saville. But Siri Gottlieb adds a warning: “Don’t sun yourself on those waves. Hidden sprinklers shoot up without warning.” In winter, Saville adds, “many U-M students have told me it’s a great place for a snowball fight.”

Sixty-eight entrants spied the Wave Field. Weingate won our random drawing; she is taking her $25 gift certificate to the Grange Kitchen & Bar.

To enter this month’s contest, use the clue and photo on the “Back Page” of the February Observer, then follow the directions on the bottom of the page. The deadline for entries is noon on Thursday, February 11.