In November, R. J. and Nancy Meiring retired their Roly Poly franchise in Lamp Post Plaza with this Facebook post: “Today is the last day to get a Roly! We would like to thank our employees and loyal customers for their continuing support over the last 11 years. We have met so many interesting and fun people!” Observer staffer Eve Silberman says, “I always liked Roly Poly for its cute name and decently priced sandwiches.” A sign in the window announces the coming of Pita King.

Noah Goldsmith and Tim Hoffman closed their Wafel Shop on E. Liberty in November. Kyrie Micelli, manager of the Cupcake Station across the street, speculated about why. (“My parents named me after [a part of] the Catholic mass,” she says, accustomed to answering questions about her name, which she pronounces more or less like “Carrie.”)

“They did a lot better in summertime when people were out walking around,” she noted, explaining that in the winter this stretch of Liberty is badly positioned for walk-in traffic. And while it had its regulars, “it didn’t catch on as much as it could have. They were trying to get involved in the community. They did things like Taste of Ann Arbor, to get their name out,” as well as adding more substantial sandwich-like waffles. “But I guess it wasn’t enough.”

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