2021 September

Single-family, Condo Sales Increase

There are 298 homes on this month’s map, up from 228 in July 2020. That’s partly because we’re casting a wider net this year: in January, we started going back to capture property transfers that missed the...

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Surviving the Pandemic

The pandemic was tough for Ann Arbor restaurants. Favorite names such as Logan and Mikette disappeared; others, like Gratzi and Carson’s, went on hiatus. The Espresso Royale Coffee chain shut down. Yet most places wove...

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Tax Retreats

In January both the city and the county looked at asking voters to approve new millages. Following...

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An Internet Liaison?

Q. The city once had an Internet liaison, Harry Haas, who helped me with Comcast issues, but he is long gone. I see many complaints on NextDoor about Internet service. Will the city someday again have an Internet liaison?A....

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