There are 298 homes on this month’s map, up from 228 in July 2020. That’s partly because we’re casting a wider net this year: in January, we started going back to capture property transfers that missed the prior month’s map. Because buyers have up to forty-five days to file a property transfer affidavit, some came in too late to make our former monthly maps. Now they include both the most recent month’s transfers and stragglers from the one before.

Sales in the Ann Arbor Public School District were up even without that methodological bump. From June 2020 through May 2021, single-family sales were up 18 percent, to 1,349, while condominiums rose 30 percent, to 807.

Burns Park had the highest increase in number of single-family homes sold: ninety-three were sold, up 75 percent from last year’s unusually low fifty-three. Angell was next, with sales up 55 percent, to forty-eight–twenty-two of them over $1 million dollars and four over $2 million.

Bryant-Pattengill had the most sales: 136 homes were sold in the paired schools’ combined district, up 31 percent from the previous year’s 104. Bryant-Pattengill also had the most homes selling for under $200,000 (ten). Mitchell had the most homes in the $200-$299,999 range (thirty-two).

Carpenter sold the most in the $300-$399,999 price point (thirty-seven), followed closely by Dicken and Abbot (both thirty-six). Bryant-Pattengill, whose two neighborhoods give it an uncommonly wide range of housing stock, also sold the most homes in the $400 to $499,999 price range.

For homes priced from $500,000 to $749,999, Wines, at thirty-six sales, beat out Bryant-Pattengill by just one home. Angell at thirty-eight and Burns Park at thirty-four saw the most homes sell for more than $749,999, with Wines a very distant third with eight.

Last year Northside had reported nearly twice as many single-family sales as the prior twelve-month period, partially spurred by seventeen new construction sales at Pulte’s North Sky community. That impact has apparently leveled off, leaving Northside with a 26 percent decrease, from sixty-five to forty-eight. Since newly developed communities use several different sales methods, it’s also possible that some sales didn’t make it into the Ann Arbor Area Board of Realtors Multiple Listing Service to be counted.

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