Stadium Pharmacy has been offering home delivery service for prescriptions since opening eleven years ago, says pharmacist and owner Xavier Tato. “Many patients are homebound and can’t come out to pick up their prescriptions … it definitely offers a personal touch.” He promotes the service online, on his business card, and by word of mouth.

Brent DesArmo of Hometown Pharmacy says its pharmacies in Ann Arbor and Chelsea routinely give customers the option of free home delivery for prescriptions. The Village Apothecary and Village Pharmacy II also provide delivery.

But it turns out prescription delivery isn’t just the province of small local drug stores. One local shopper was amazed recently to hear from a friend that Kroger’s pharmacies also deliver. Though she’d used a Kroger pharmacy for years, she’d never heard about it.

“We’ve been offering the prescription delivery service for the last eight years,” confirms Ken McClure, Kroger’s Michigan consumer communications manager, “and it is a completely free service.” McClure insists it’s not meant to be a secret–and says the company plans to promote delivery better in the future.