Wow, that was close! We almost reached 200 entries correctly identifying last month’s Fake Ad for Botter’s Organic Creamery on page 29 of the August issue. We had to settle for 198, but it’s always a joy to hear from so many Fake Adders. 

“Fake Ad Czar, you made my day!” wrote Jeff Alson. “Despite being 66 and having forgotten so many more important things, I have never been able to get the 1960s Salerno Butter Cookie jingle out of my mind—‘You can lookie, lookie, lookie, but you’ll never find a cookie, with a better butter batter than Salerno.’ … Your fake ad shames the Salerno jingle by using ‘bitter batter … botter’s … better butter’ with five words changing just the vowel. I will ‘bett’ you that the ad was conceived by someone who also has the Salerno jingle embedded in their brain, though I won’t be bitter if I am wrong.”

We’re glad you won’t be bitter. As other readers, including Diane Cupps, posited, the ad was inspired by an old tongue twister. Coincidentally enough, it appeared in a Jeopardy! answer in late July, long after the ad was written. 

San Diego’s Jeff Ristine was chosen as our winner. He’s donating his prize to the Ann Arbor District Library. 

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