“I am gobsmacked!” says Melissa Barnes on learning that hers was one of only six correct entries last month. All twenty-four responses correctly identified Alden B. Dow as the architect of a building facing demolition—but two of his 1960s structures are coming down, and most people guessed the detail shown was on the U-M’s Fleming Administration Building. 

David Bicknell nailed it: it’s on “[t]he corner of the Plymouth Building,” he writes, with “a Brutalist style.” “Modern no more,” says A.J. Kydd. “‘Coming Down’,” she quotes the clue, “is the vacant … building at 2929 Plymouth Road.” “With the Fleming Building,” writes Bob Hart, it’s “a tough month” for Alden Dow. 

The Plymouth Building (1969–70) “was designed and built by” Dow, an architect who Frank Lloyd Wright named his “‘spiritual son,’” writes David Karl. To reduce the land required, Dow put the parking underneath by “raising the building on columns,” writes Grace Shackman in an August 1998 Observer article. Karl reports that “skater kids in the 90s nicknamed it ‘stilts.’” 

“Sadly, [it’s] soon to be demolished for a new UM Credit Union branch,” writes Christian Mueller.

Melissa won our drawing and will enjoy her $25 gift certificate at Booksweet. To enter this month’s contest, use the image and clue above and send your answer to the address below.


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