“This was tricky,” says Bob Maddox, “trying to decide which spicy pit” July’s clue referred to. He bicycled past Mongolian Grill, Tomukun, and Buffalo Wild Wings before finding the right one. “I am almost sure that ‘spicy pit’ refers to … Jamaican Jerk Pit,” writes Louisa Griffes, though she couldn’t find the depicted detail nearby. “I will be looking forward to the answer!”

“There are so many rich, beautiful buildings in that area,” writes Debbie Onderdonk, who, like Louisa, searched many places on campus. Then, when they were about to about give up, “my daughter yelled ‘there it is!’ We were so excited.”

“I Spy 312 South State Street,” writes David Frye, “which I will point out is only one in approximately one million buildings within a block or so of” the Jamaican Jerk Pit. “You made me search!” The building “now is home to Poke Poke, just north of Amer’s,” says Joe Cialdella.

“I NEVER would have found this without a good clue and a little legwork!” writes Mike McGraw. “My husband searched at least six times,” says Mary Adams. “Thank you for providing entertainment options during COVID!”

We received sixteen entries in July. Bob Maddox won our random drawing winner and will enjoy his $25 gift certificate at Zingerman’s.

To enter this month’s contest, use the image and clue on the Back Page of the July issue and send your answer to the address at the bottom of the page.