While wrapping up The Fake Ad Book (shameless plug: it is available to order on page 52), we’ve been marveling at the fun, thoughtful, creative messages we receive from Fake Adders every month.

Add this one from Ginny Weingate to the list. “Looking through the ads this month I saw with excitement the words Great Lakes ceviche,” Weingate wrote. “I love ceviche but then I didn’t recognize the restaurant. Seeing the ingredients of carp, sheepshead, and zebra mussels I realized that I didn’t want to try this at all. The fake ad is on page 35. Heise is hidden in ‘ceviche is extraordinary.’ I also don’t think 6th Ave. exists.

“We have many great fish from the big lakes, inland lakes, and streams surely some of those would make a good Great Lakes ceviche,” Weingate continued. “Now I’ll ask my husband to make something like that. This could be a tasty adventure. Thanks again for the fun. It is a delight to discover the Fake Ad–like buried treasure.”

See that? Not only did Weingate entertain, she did our work for us, identifying the ad by page number and explaining how the previous month’s winner’s name was hidden. All that’s left for us to do is to mention that the Fake Ad was for a wine and seafood restaurant with the doubly appropriate name of Port, and to point out that Molly Kuo was chosen as our winner from a pool of 207 correct entries. She’s taking her $25 gift card to Zingerman’s.