A whopping 245 Fake Adders spotted the March Fake Ad for Two Birds, a fictitious company that offered to perform two services at the same time, saving its customers time and money.

“I have already decided that I will go for the cosmetic microdermabrasion while getting four new tires for my car,” wrote Adrienne Malley. “Thank you for this creative, time-saving idea.”

One reader suggested the large number of entries might have been caused by a too–obvious ad. “One would have to be a birdbrain to believe that ad!” wrote Marge Mills. “This one was too easy.”

Sandra Awood was more complimentary. “This precious ad tickled our funny bones from head to toe, making it simultaneous & personal, if not symbiotic,” she wrote. “Two out of three isn’t bad!”

And Debbie Ash added a personal insight: “My husband is a dentist and his twin an auto mechanic,” she wrote. “Your ad highlights the similarity of their careers–both involving their hands and keen knowledge of body/auto mechanics. However, getting my hair and taxes done at the same time? Micro–treatments and a legal will? Highly suspicious but clever. Arborweb appears at the bottom of the ad where the word ‘website’ appears after Ann Arbor.”

Patricia Little was chosen as our winner. She’s taking her gift certificate to Hollander’s.

To enter April’s contest, find the Fake Ad in this month’s issue and follow the directions on the “Back Page.”