American-made crafts at Bumble’s

Carolyn McNagny didn’t intend to name her new store Bumble’s Dry Goods—until she found out there were seventeen Bumblebees already in Michigan. She didn’t set out to focus on American-made crafts, either. Her...

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Testing the Wind

Richard and Carole Murphy were driving through North Dakota several years ago when they noticed three enormous metal blades spinning slowly in the prairie wind.”We were curious, so I turned around and drove back until we...

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Disabled Bowlers Knock ‘Em Down

At first glance, it’s like any other league at Bel-Mark Lanes in Scio Township. But look more closely, and you’ll notice a few people need their shoelaces tied. Some speak haltingly or in three-word sentences. A few...

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Pickin’ Chelsea

In this town I could be happy, in this town I’d make new friends—In this town . . . I could start all over again.—The cover of Annie and Rod Capps’s fifth album, In This Town, shows the local folk duo lounging...

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Arctic Breakaway Takes a Shot

Hockey players can work up an appetite. So can ice skaters after a long afternoon or evening of lessons.The Arctic Coliseum plans to feed them, as well as their parents, friends, and others, at a new restaurant that offers views...

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Sew Write hits the road

With the lease up at her storefront on Adrian Street, Sew Write owner Nancy Bihlmeyer took what she calls a “leap of faith” and moved her ­thirteen-year-old business to the more heavily traveled M-52 north of...

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One Man’s Dope War

Gershom Avery spent last summer and fall tirelessly gathering signatures to get an initiative to legalize medical marijuana on the Michigan ballot. And during those same months, Avery, fifty-three, says he was waging a secret...

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