Only 37 clever Fake Adders found the Fake Ad for Consultants of Mid-Michigan on page 29 of the Summer Community Observer.

“You were pretty tricky this time separating the word community into ‘COMM. Unity …'” wrote Dexter’s Sandra Darr. “Also, the street name was a tip-off–Paradigm. And what does this mean? ‘Leverage synergies across a broad spectrum of customer-focused dynamics’? We got a good laugh.”

Chelsea’s Tom Herron found the Fake Ad right away, but could not find “‘community’ until I spotted ‘Unity.’ You tried to fool Tom.”

We did. And we must say we take a special pleasure in trying to fool people who refer to themselves in the third person.

Kay Holsinger of Ann Arbor won our drawing. “You managed to get a lot of business buzz words into a small paragraph,” she wrote. Kay is taking her gift certificate to the Common Grill in Chelsea.

To enter the Fall Community Observer Fake Ad contest, identify the phony by name and page number (hint: it always contains the word “community”). Enter by email ( or by mail (Community Observer Fake Ad, 2390 Winewood, Ann Arbor, MI 48103). The deadline for entries is Monday, October 20.