In April, St. Joe’s parent, Trinity Health Michigan, announced that it would consolidate branding for its Mercy Health and Saint Joseph Mercy Health systems under its own name. All but one of its eight hospitals and hundreds of affiliated area health care clinics and labs are adopting the Trinity name and logo.

“St. Joe’s was one of many names and logos within our statewide health system,” a spokesperson emails. “In order to make it easy for patients and communities to know all of the services available to them, we have adopted the name and logo of our national system, Trinity Health, to reinforce our presence as a unified and integrated health system.” 

Entrance signage at St. Joe’s is already draped with a temporary banner that continues the current name, but replaces St. Joe’s abstract cross logo with Trinity’s slightly different abstract cross logo. It will eventually be renamed Trinity Health Ann Arbor. 

“The St. Joe’s name, which has served our organization well for many years, will continue to be seen on campus signage for a period of time to help patients become familiar with the new brand,” the spokesperson writes. “Eventually, the St. Joe’s name will be retired.”

In Chelsea, meanwhile, an older name is coming back: St. Joseph Mercy Hospital Chelsea will once again be known, officially as well as informally, as Chelsea Hospital. 

“We decided to embrace the hospital’s historical name … and incorporate the logo marks of the two joint venture partners with the Trinity Health cross and the University of Michigan block M,” the spokesperson explains. 

The equal billing acknowledges the fact that it’s no longer just Trinity’s hospital: since 2018, it’s been a joint venture with the U-M Health System. Though Trinity’s interest is controlling—51 percent—it’s unlikely the U would have agreed to be sheltered under the Trinity umbrella—statewide, the systems remain competitors.