January’s I Spy “was so hard!” writes Debbie Onderdonk. It was: Onderdonk was only one of five readers who recognized it.

Pamela Kittel identified it as “a Spanish mortar … captured during the war.” The piece “was cast in Seville Spain in 1724 and used in Cuba,” shares David Karl. David Bicknell adds that it was donated by the Class of 1899 as a memorial to “the U-M men who fought in the Spanish-American War.”

Located between the UMMA and Hatcher Library, the mortar is near the former “Tappan Oak Memorial which was recently cut down,” Pamela continues, referring to our clue, “a memorial recently lost.” The oldest tree on campus, adds David Karl, “was removed due to disease.”

Dedicated to the U-M’s first president by the Class of 1858, the towering oak was once surrounded by maples planted by each member of that class; many were lost when a precursor to the Hatcher was constructed in 1883. Portions of the 162-year-old Tappan Oak were sealed and preserved for study and possible future commemoration.

“I was certain of the clue,” writes Onderdonk, but, “I spent hours trying to find” the mortar, “hoping I wasn’t barking up the wrong tree (haha).” Her efforts were rewarded: she won our drawing, and will use her $25 certificate at Delux Drapery.

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