We received 165 entries correctly identifying the Fake Ad for the International Association of Lawn Parking Attendants on page 40 of the January issue. The last name of the December’s winner, Jan Gombert, was hidden in the text, “Go M! Be our team.” David Frye notes, “I feel like your Michigan accent is showing when you make ‘our’ stand in for the letter ‘R.'”

“You go from last month’s ad which was totally unfair, to this month’s which was way too easy,” writes Christopher Beck. “No phone number, e-mail, address. Pretty simple to spot … Strange imperative ‘Be our team.’ Like they do something to be your team.”

“I found myself chuckling over questions that popped into my head,” Glenn Simon wrote: “Exactly what kinds of issues come up at a typical meeting of … the International Association of Lawn Parking Attendants? … What are the criteria for accepting applications from nations with dubious human rights records? How might they respond to a growing movement among employees to unionize?”

You might notice that all of the above entries come from people with simple last names that would be easy to incorporate into a future Fake Ad. And yet, our winner last month was Denise Schlotfeldt. Great. Just great. She’s taking her gift certificate to Zingerman’s.