“The May Fake Ad is on page 82, for Southeastern Michigan Hospital/St. Elsewhere Health System,” wrote last month’s winner, Ypsilanti’s Kevin Berasley.

See how simple that is? All he did was identify the ad, say what page it was on, and give his name–and he won a $25 gift certificate to an Observer advertiser of his choosing, which in his case was Mast Shoes. Not bad for composing an email that only has sixteen words, one of which is a number.

In all, 143 clever souls correctly identified the ad. Of course, we also like it when our Fake Adders include more personal touches. Nancie Loppnow, also of Ypsilanti, identified the ad and then wrote, “Don’t think anyone would consider going to a place with only a ‘handful of doctors who are board certified’ and a ‘fair’ rating. Good fun. Always a hoot. The apple next to the stethoscope is perfect. Eat your way to good health–‘medicine for the common, good.’ The comma is nicely placed.”

And longtime Fake Adder Rick Mintz said the ad’s low-key boasting “reminds me of one of my college housemates who later would boast that he graduated in the ‘top 90 percent’ of his law school class.”

To enter this month’s contest, find the Fake Ad in the June Ann Arbor Observer and enter by noon on June 10 (instructions are on the Back Page).