“That’s one of the art deco reliefs on the now-abandoned Ann Arbor News building,” writes Joshua Rabinowitz, identifying April’s image. The clue “‘Out of Print’,” adds Elihau Gurfinkel, “refers to the fact that the newspaper has closed down.” (A successor company, AnnArbor.com, has a twice-weekly print edition.)

The reliefs were designed by sculptor Corrado Parducci, writes Mitchell Ozog, and represent the printing industry. Helen Servino says she looks “at them every day while at the light, on my way to work.” And Tom Jameson points out that “There are two decorations just alike!” appearing on both the Division and Huron sides of the building.

Eleven entrants correctly identified the building. Gurfinkel won our random drawing; he’ll bring his $25 gift certificate to Marnee Thai restaurant on Main.

To enter this month’s contest, use the photo and clue on the “Back Page” of the May print edition, find the spot shown, then follow the instructions at the bottom of the page.