“The glimmering, iridescent sculpture, Arriving Home is located on the East University pedestrian mall,” writes Lorene Sterner, identifying October’s feature. “It is indeed better in color!” she concludes, referring to the clue. “The colors change beautifully with viewpoint and the passing of the sun and clouds,” adds Shari Grogan-Kaylor, who works nearby at the U-M School of Social Work. “Its one of [sculptor] Dennis Oppenheim’s later constructions,” notes Arno Scheller. Produced four years before Oppenheim’s death, representing a house moving through space and time, it arrived at the U-M during its Bicentennial Celebration.

“There is such a sweet story behind it,” says Sue Hadden. “Jagdish Janveja (who worked at the U-M for 50 years) donated $100,000 seed money” to buy the sculpture as a tribute to U-M staff. Janveja was a project director in Architecture, Engineering and Construction at the university and a long-time public art advocate.

We received 35 correct entries in October. Our random drawing winner is Shannon Kohlitz. Shannon, please let us know where you’d like to enjoy your $25 gift certificate.

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