2018 December

Noisy Motorcycles?

Q. Do the police ever ticket the drivers of noisy motorcycles or cars for “disturbing the peace”?A. Ann Arbor has ordinances limiting vehicle noise.  Mopeds, for instance, are limited to eighty-two decibels. Outgoing...

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Blue Apple Closes

The Blue Apple convenience store (and Mobil gas station) has closed after seven years at Packard and Platt. You can still grab gas and snacks at the Exxon station across the way and a Citgo further down the road. Soon you can...

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Drought and Pieology Close

Two downtown businesses closed quietly in November, leaving only brief announcements on their doors. Plymouth-based raw juice vendor Drought closed its S. Fourth Ave. location a little over a year after it moved in. Four metro...

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Poindexter Coffee

The Graduate Hotel chain has rebranded its coffee bars as Poindexter Coffee. The general manager of the hotel on Huron, Jason Nelson, says that they’ve added new breakfast sandwiches (available all day), plus beer and...

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About Time

Three clock towers that stand out in their surrounding landscapes reflect different aspects of the...

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K.WEST Skin Body Soul

“My whole philosophy of skin care is really about everything. Lifestyle and diet and even spirituality,” says Katie Westgate, owner of K.WEST Skin Body Soul. Her shop, which carries a variety of crystals, books,...

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Beloved Businesses in Transition

When a Tumblr post encouraging people to order from the struggling Common Language Bookstore went viral last spring, husbands Keith Orr and Martin Contreras thought at first that the Internet might save their small LGBT...

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