What are people doing cutting up piranha over the Mongolian Barbeque on Main Street? Taking advantage of Michigan’s 42 percent film tax credit–in this case, by editing Piranha 3D. The forthcoming action thriller from the Weinstein Company was shot in Arizona, then sent to Michigan for editing.
Lulu Zezza, who runs the eight-person operation, explains that film editors are essentially nomads who can work anywhere. The Piranha editors are using equipment rented from Grace & Wild Studios in Farmington Hills. But they decided that rather than live in motels near the studio, they’d move Grace & Wild’s editing machines into rented space in Ann Arbor and put the editors up in apartments. “The editors like living in a college town,” Zezza explains. “They like being able to walk or bike to work. And,” she adds with a smile, “they like the restaurants on Main Street.”