We received 199 entries identifying the Fake Ad for Missus Smanson’s Restaurant on page 69 of the June Observer. The winner’s name, “Sussman,” was barely hidden in the establishment name.

We couldn’t help but notice how friendly the greetings were. “Hi Observer folks!” wrote Judy Landau. “While I was trying to ‘suss’ out the fake ad I found it. The ad for Missus Smanson’s Restaurant with home cooking … I know the Sussman family and I bet their home cooked food … would be great!”

“Hello Fake Ad Friends,” wrote Paul and Rufus Horvath. “The bad news is Rufus lives in the attic, not the basement, and feels that you need to reach out to the middle school demographic, not middle aged home spelunkers.”

“I hope you are doing well today!” began another. “My name is Liv Zinn, … ‘Miss Suss’ would serve as a great nickname for Mira Sussman, so I’m certain this is the Fake Ad. This is my first entry … so I’m excited that I discovered it!”

“But,” wrote Evgueni Filipov, “the joke doesn’t work so well. See, I think in this economy living in my parent’s basement doesn’t sound so bad. The sad thing is they don’t have a basement.”

Our winner was Christopher Beck. He’s taking his gift certificate to Zingerman’s.