“Wow, now that’s what I call a big hint,” writes Ellen Willson. “This month was a challenge, until …” writes Ted Kennedy, “I paged through the Observer.” “I must admit this is the fastest I’ve ever found the I Spy,” says Katie DeBona. “YOU GAVE IT AWAY!” exclaims Susan Pollans, “with the story and photo … in your Marketplace Changes section.”

“The [I Spy is a] sculpture in front of the Metal Off Main design & fabrication studio and gallery on Felch Street,” explains Sally Collins. “It’s on page 40, uh, I mean at the bottom of Felch Street!” jests Nick Hadwick. Vivian Loh theorizes, “You must be checking to see if we actually read your articles.”

Evidently you do–without the Marketplace article, writes Cathy Chow, “I wouldn’t have known about this new business or recognized the sign in the photo!” Ken Ishii’s attention was caught by a detail of the sign. “Having recently moved to Ann Arbor from Iowa,” he writes, “my eye spied an unusual corn stalk ‘growing’ out of a metal base on page 40 … There are so many interesting people and places to discover here!”

Our $25 gift certificate winner, randomly drawn from fifty-seven correct entries, is Tess Roth.

To enter this month’s (more challenging) contest, use the photo and clue on the Back Page of the July Observer to identify the scene, then follow the instructions at the bottom of the page.