Construction is well underway at Menards on Jackson Rd. Spaulding Clark, Scio’s township supervisor, says he doesn’t know when it will open. “They’re a closely held corporation; they’ve done this at their own pace”–in fact, the company sought and received planning permission months before it actually broke ground on the property. “As for why they chose to be here, they didn’t tell us,” says Clark.

The Wisconsin-based building supply company will be just down the road from Lowe’s, the way Lowe’s is practically on top of Home Depot over on the east side of town. “They did their own background research. And their proposal was consistent with our master plan.” Several years ago Scio Township widened Jackson Rd. and brought in sewer and water, with the intent of opening it up for commercial development. “I’ve never been in a Menards,” pronounced with an accent on the second syllable, by the way. “But what they promote is their lumber operation. So, yes, I guess they’re not just competing with Lowe’s, but with Fingerle’s and Chelsea Lumber.”