Here at Fake Ad HQ, we get told a lot how clever we are. Truth is, we like it. But our cleverness pales in comparison with the wit of some of our devoted Fake Adders.

Last month’s Fake Ad was for IntrOh!, a service that offered to connect people to online sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook. The ad, which appeared on page 56 of the June issue, featured the last name of the previous winner, “Loh,” in the greetings “Hello” and “Hi.” Which brings us to the clever part.

“Just one comment on the three-letter last name you picked to embed in the ad on page 56,” wrote Carol Mousigian. “Loh hanging fruit.” Love it.

This month’s winner, chosen from among the 104 correct entries received, was Sara Kitzsteiner. No low-hanging fruit there. More like the shiny red apple dangling from the end of the uppermost limb of the tree. The one you can almost reach from the top step of the ladder before losing your balance and falling right on your kitzsteiner.

To enter this month’s contest, find the fake ad in the July issue and follow the instructions in the box at the bottom of the Back Page. The fake ad always contains the name of last month’s winner in some form.