The froyo climate seems to be getting colder. When Ann Arbor’s two Orange Leaf franchises opened in 2014, business journals were atwitter with news of frozen yogurt in previously unimagined flavors, pumped full of probiotics. In early September, both franchises (in Woodland Plaza and Traver Village) pulled up stakes.

The closings cannot definitely be linked to froyo climate change–possibly it was just the locations, or the market was saturated. “It wasn’t getting a lot of foot traffic,” says a worker in a nearby store in Woodland Plaza who declined to be named. “They’ve got the Menchie’s down the road” in front of Meijer, “and there are higher-visibility froyo places downtown.”

Scott McLean, one of the original franchise owners, reached by phone, said he “got out of it about six months ago” and didn’t know how to reach anyone else connected with the local franchises. The Traver Village Orange Leaf is now being transformed into a dentist’s office. The Woodland Plaza site seems to be up for grabs.