Let us be the first to report the true spelling of Eve Aronoff’s new Cuban-inspired restaurant, Frita Batidos, which is due to open around July 1 in the former Cafe du Jour. Her Facebook announcement gave the name as “Frita Batido,” and that’s how Aronoff answered the phone when we called. But then she surprised us with a “Wait, before we go any further, we have to get the name right….”

Turns out, it has an s on it. The s further compounds the nightmare for any student of Romance languages who looks for agreement of masculine, feminine, and plural endings. So you pedants out there, and you know who you are, suck it up: there’s an a, an o, and one s.

A frita is a sandwich and a batido is a smoothie, or as Aronoff describes it, “it’s Cuban-inspired burgers and milk shakes.” She has just applied for a Downtown Development District liquor license (a new type of license invented by the state in 2006 to stimulate redevelopment) so she can serve batidos the way the more interesting ones are served in Cuba: “with a drop or two of rum.”

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