Ever wonder what happens to all those neglected articles of clothing left at the cleaners? Harold Kim, owner of Armen Cleaners, estimates that fifteen to twenty pieces go unclaimed each year between his three locations. Although he tells customers they have 120 days to pick up their belongings, the last time he cleaned out his stores was three years ago–at which point, so much clothing had accumulated that he delivered a truckload to the Kiwanis Club.

Of course, not everyone forgets their abandoned clothing. Several customers have told Kim that if he can’t remove the lipstick traces to just throw away the incriminating garment. So far, that hasn’t been a problem–lipstick stains, he says, are easy to get out.

Maria of Maria’s Alteration & Tailoring says some items have followed her across town, from Washington Street to Braun Court to her latest location at 201 East Huron. “I keep everything,” she says. So, if the owner of a pair of Kenneth Cole tuxedo pants, size 34, wants to know, your cuffs have been hemmed for years.