“It is like bits of frozen Frieze,” puns Will Hathaway. Hathaway correctly identifies October’s feature (below) as “an architectural detail of the new North Quad Academic Building … on the site of the former Ann Arbor High School (later the Frieze Building).” “Old building elements incorporated into a modern cartouche,” concurs Paul Gallagher. “I like it.”

“I love the way they adorned this building with architectural features of the old Carnegie building,” writes Mary Duerksen, referring to the Carnegie Library that adjoined the old high school on Huron. It’s “a wonderful reminder of the majestic building that used to reign over that site,” writes Louisa Griffes.

Darla Bladowski found the piece a “sad eclectic mixture of old, beautiful scroll work,” while Paul Malocha dubs it “the architrave of horror.” But most responses were positive. “This particular group of artifacts faces north on a wall near the intersection of Huron and State Street,” writes John L. Stratman. “Other renderings can be found in the inner courtyard, including sections of the Frieze’s iconic limestone columns distributed in the landscape beds.”

Forty-five people correctly identified the “frieze” at North Quad. Our random drawing winner is Kate Jackman. “I thought [the piece] was a great way to honor the old Frieze Building, where I spent many happy times,” she writes. She’ll have more happy times at Zingerman’s, where she’ll take her $25 gift certificate.

The I Spy clues for this month’s contest are on the Back Page of the November Ann Arbor Observer. The deadline for entries is November 10.