We received 171 entries correctly identifying September’s Fake Ad for Aztec Rentals.

“On page 75, the rental SUV with attached tent looks ad-solutely ridiculous,” writes Kathryn Mayer. “That its inventor went from Ristine to Pristine is not such a leap, but then to go from Pristine to a fleet of vehicle-tent-hybrids for rent is hilarious! Bonkers but brilliant!”

Well. “Bonkers but brilliant” is a wonderful description. We wish Mayer had made that comment before The Fake Ad Book was published. We would have put it on the cover for sure. 

Speaking of which, the book (purchase details below) makes an outstanding gift for any of the upcoming holidays. The rectangular shape is a snap to wrap and it’s also, as you may have heard, both “bonkers” and “brilliant.”

Now, back to this month’s contest. “Hi,” writes Kate Jenckes. “We identified the ad for Aztec Rentals as fake … in part because of the word ‘pristine,’ which contains … last month’s winner, (Jeff) Ristine, not to mention what we assume to be the subtle pun of Aztec for a technology that covers the rear of a ‘gently used’ SUV … I’d like to have my son Peter Chiven’s name entered in the drawing (age 10), since he’s the main driver in our efforts.”

Interesting. We hadn’t thought of pronouncing the company name as “ass-tech,” BUT we ASSume that’s because we’re BEHIND in our work and we’ve lost touch with our 10-year-old brain. We thank you from the heart of our BOTTOM. 

Longtime Fake Adder William Loh is our drawing winner. He’s also taking his gift certificate to Zingerman’s.

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