We received only eighty-three entries correctly identifying the Fake Ad for Everything in Moderation Life Coaching on page 80 of the February Observer. That might be because of where it was placed: hidden among the service ads on a page after the Back Page (not sure how that’s even possible). It was a tough one, all right, but no tougher than finding a way to hide the name “McKillop.” 

“On the second time through, not finding the Fake Ad anywhere else, I actually looked at the website: ‘Stuck in the middle with you.’ Really?!?!?!” wrote Cherry Westerman. “And then the reference to cities—why would anyone pick ‘Hamburg or Hamtramck?’ Oh, yes, have to hide the last name somewhere! McKillop is the last three letters of Hamtramck (where they make the best Paczki’s still) followed by ‘I’ll op (en your mind).’ Pretty clever.”

Just “pretty clever”? 

“When I looked at the website ‘address,’ I immediately thought of the Stealers Wheel song, ‘Stuck in the Middle With You,’” wrote Diane Fenske. “I still find myself surrounded by clowns on the left and jokers on the right from time to time. This was definitely a toughie to locate and find the winner’s name … pretty darn clever!”

Ah, that’s better. “Pretty darn clever” is a much more accurate way of describing my editor’s suggestion of using Hamtramck to hide McKillop. February’s winner, Paul Cartman, is taking his gift certificate to the Ravens Club.

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