“Those rapids,” says Shannon Kohlitz referring to August’s feature, “can be found on … 5th Ave!” “The happy kayakers are paddling along the side of the Oxford Building,” writes John Zainea. “I spotted [them] while waiting for the traffic light on westbound Liberty,” shares Pam Sinclair.
“Cathy Gendron’s building-length mural Enduring Roots … faces south” writes Arno Scheller. “… behind Afternoon Delight!” add Kate and Sahara Uleman. “It’s a great display of outside activities in A2 both in the day and night!” writes Sara Kitzsteiner, referring to the nighttime scene on Magellan Commercial’s adjacent building, which provides the second story of this community-focused pictorial.
We received twenty-one entries which correctly identified the mural’s location. Our random drawing winner is Shannon Kohlitz. Shannon has generously chosen to donate her prize back to the Observer. In turn, we’ve gifted her a Friends of the Observer subscription. Thank you Shannon!

To enter this month’s contest use the clue and photo on September’s Back Page and follow the instructions at the bottom of the page to submit your answer.