We received 148 entries correctly identifying the Fake Ad for Combat Zone Paintball on page 78 of the November Observer. We loved each and every one, but we had one favorite.

The ad’s quote about keeping your friends close and your enemies closer “is usually attributed to Niccolo Machiavelli, but in the ad is attributed to Michael Corleone,” wrote Plymouth’s Kathleen Kelly. It’s also attributed to Sun Tzu, a sixth-century Chinese military strategist. And many argue that neither Sun Tzu nor Machiavelli ever said or wrote anything of the sort. That’s why we went with Corleone, from The Godfather Part II: we know he said it because we saw him say it.

Or did we? What Al Pacino actually said was: “Keep your friends close, BUT your enemies closer.”

Which brings us to our favorite entry. It was from Kirsten Waarala of Canton, who played on that Godfather reference: “The new format with the prior winner’s name has proven harder for me,” she wrote. “But just when I thought I was out, you pull me back in.”

Our drawing winner was C.M. Smith. She’s taking her gift certificate to the Earle.

To enter this month’s contest, find the fake ad in the December issue and follow the instructions in the box at the bottom of the Back Page. The Fake Ad always contains the name of last month’s winner in some form.

To enter either contest, send email with the subject “Fake Ad” or “I Spy” to backpage@aaobserver.com. Mail: 2390 Winewood, Ann Arbor, MI 48103. You must include your name, address, and telephone number! All correct entries received by noon on Tuesday, December 10, will be eligible for this month’s random drawings. Winners will receive $25 gift certificates to any business advertising in this issue.