Beer & golf

One of the most rancorous city council decisions this year involved the award of a liquor license to Leslie Park Golf Course instead of a host of private businesses that had applied for it. One applicant, the Kerrytown eatery...

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Iraqi Exiles

The next few months we will see a huge wave,” predicts Anya Abramzon.Abramzon, the executive director of Jewish Family Services, is speaking about refugees from the Iraq War. She says twenty Iraqis and their families have...

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Planet Marcia

Is Marcia Ottoman insane—or merely unrepentant?The answer will determine how long a sentence the former Dexter Township trustee receives for impersonating a federal prosecutor and for wire fraud.The federal government is arguing...

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The Ann Arbor Chronicle

Local news is now being served up daily by an ambitious new publication—but you can’t find it on a newsstand. Mary Morgan and Dave Askins launched on September 2, their wedding anniversary. Morgan, a...

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One Man’s Dope War

Gershom Avery spent last summer and fall tirelessly gathering signatures to get an initiative to legalize medical marijuana on the Michigan ballot. And during those same months, Avery, fifty-three, says he was waging a secret...

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