Pop-up Dinners

“Pop-up dinner.” For me, the name suggested a tantalizing meal, conjured out of the air with sleight-of-hand wizardry by a chef wannabe in an inspired setting. My husband’s mind, though, leapt immediately to...

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Barbecue Quest

Growing up in the Midwest, I was never enamored with the local barbecue–typically baked or boiled ribs slathered with ketchup-like, overly sweet sauce, then quickly finished on an open grill. Later, on visits to the Texas...

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Road Food Reviewed

My husband and I love almost everything about a road trip–driving away from everyday life towards new landscapes, small towns, and regional cultures. We love everything, that is, but road food, especially across the vast...

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Pho House

It’s hard to take seriously a new restaurant that opens–and continues to operate a couple of months later–still sporting its predecessor’s signs. Inside, too, the new Pho House on Washtenaw reveals a...

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Batter Up on Liberty

Liberty from Main to Fifth Ave. already offers cherry treats, chocolates, handmade ice cream cones, cupcakes, and fruity-plump muffins. In the early weeks of 2013, with the opening of What Crepe? and the Wafel Shop, it added two...

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