By Brea

I guess I’ll start with my garden, it’s on the south side of my house, where it gets plenty of sun. We grow tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, sweet peas, arugula, lettuce, and beetroot!

Now I’ll tell you about our woods, it’s about 1 1/2 acres, we have 4 big bowl like ditches there, no they’re not straight drops, just kinda like a slide.

I’ve always liked my woods, we love playing around the creek. There’s a huge tree that we run across to get to the other side, and right in the middle of the creek are kinda trees. I think they’re bushes, but I just call them trees. In the winter when the ice is frozen we walk across and make forts inside the threes, making little rooms.

Our potatoes are growing well. (We really like potatoes.) We got 4 boxes for them.

We have several forts here, some hidden by leaves and twigs, some right in the open. One of my favorite forts me and my cousin made was our fairy garden. We spent about 3 hours picking up moss, putting it all down, doing our best to connect it all (the coolest part was that it all was circling around a big flat rock). Then we lined it all with rocks big and small, and then lastly we found in our basement a whole box of fairy stuff, little houses, little bottles of glitter, and a whole bag of flat rocks that we made paths with. It was so much fun to put it all together and I really enjoyed making it.