By Ewan

The park across the street from my house is amazing! I love to go over there all the time. It has a basketball court and play-ground behind a huge field you can play on. There are woods next to it where you can go through to get to the other side of the park or you can take the blacktop route through the whole park. On the other side it has a sand-box with many toys that I even love playing in! New to the sandbox is a swing set with two normal swings and two baby swings. As I said before I love going to the park. I love to play basketball on the court by myself for a little bit and then go on the playground for a little bit. One cat, my neighbor’s, whose name is Mooney, loves to come to hang out there, too. Mooney is a quiet cat with golden-orange hair that likes humans.

Two weeks ago on a Saturday afternoon I went over to the park for half of a day and it was really fun. First I played basketball at the basketball court for about two hours. Then I played football with my dad for about an hour and a half. Finally I climbed on the playground and hung out with Mooney for about half an hour. That was the time I spent half a day at the park across the street. The park is Winewood-Thaler park. Hopefully you learned what my park looked like and how fun it is.