I managed to get to the Farmers’ Market before 8 AM when shadows were still long and crowds not yet dense.I’ve written about it many times before. Two weeks ago in Kona, Hawaii, I was seeing rambutans,pineapples, super sweet ripe mangos, and local coffee — it’s different here, but it’s always wonderful.

The farmers had been up for ages: the person who sold me eggplants and
onions mentioned that sunrise at 6 AM had changed her sad mood to a happy one.

Maple sugar candy is one of the most marvelous things to buy at the Farmers’ Market.
Back home by 9, I peeled and chopped most of my peck of peaches and made them into peach sauce.
The cantaloupe on the shelf is another market purchase. We had delicious tomato and lettuce
salad for lunch as well, and will be grilling corn and peppers this evening.