Q. What is the oldest cemetery in Ann Arbor?

A. The oldest headstone, in Terhune Pioneer Cemetery near Packard, commemorates young Emily Whitmore, who was buried in 1825. However, there are no bodies in this public park—the headstones were moved from the now-lost Pittsfield Township Cemetery nearby.

The original Ann Arbor Cemetery is now Felch Park, the wooded lot in front of Power Center. George W. Noyes, who died in a house-raising accident in 1826, is believed to have been the first person buried there, but his and the other bodies were moved to Forest Hill Cemetery after it opened in 1859.

That leaves two slightly younger cemeteries to compete for “oldest” honors. Fairview, off Pontiac Trail, saw its first burial in 1833. The first burial in Bethlehem Cemetery, off Jackson Road west of I-94, was in 1833 or 1834.

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