We received 136 entries correctly identifying the Fake Ad for the 17th Annual Leutonian Festival on page 67 of the February Observer.

Leutonia is, of course, not a real country. The ad is a reference to an SCTV skit back in the 1980s that featured John Candy and Eugene Levy as a Leutonian polka band called The Happy Wanderers.

Judi Taylor informed us that Candy and Levy also starred in a Happy Wanderers movie, The Last Polka. “The Fake is on page 67,” Taylor wrote. “It is incredibly clever!” The winner’s last name, Karl, is hidden phonetically in the following “#1 polka, ‘Are Lars and Stan Bringing the Golabkis?’ K, a from polka, ‘are’ =r and l from Lars. Love all the references to ‘The Last Polka’ with John Candy and Eugene Levy–Yosh and Stan Shmenge, The Happy Wanderers. (‘Even at the age of 7 driven by a burning ambition to be something,’ just like our Fake Ad Czar). Let’s all parcipitate–we say ‘Cabbage rolls and coffee!’ You say–‘Mmm! Mmm! Good!'”

We think Taylor is a fan.

Our winner, Bonnie Campbell of South Lyon, is taking her gift certificate to Casey’s Tavern.

To enter this month’s contest, find the fake ad in the March issue and follow the instructions in the box at the bottom of the Back Page. The fake ad always contains the name of last month’s winner in some form.