“What a clever clue,” writes Barb Tester of April’s feature. “Darling, isn’t it?” adds Pam Gillespie, “refers to the Zwerdling-Darling block on E. Liberty.” The “clue was too easy but … it was fun finding it,” says Orest Mykolenko. “I don’t have an exact address,” quips Tom Jameson, dubbing the search as “non-essential travel” in this Covid-19 environment.

The second floor of this 1915 “Beaux Arts building … contains a decorative terra-cotta frame with elaborate” carving, continues Tester. “Dr. Darling had this building built for his practice on the second floor,” Amy Remillard of Ypsi told us. “Dr. Darling was an active community member,” writes Louisa Griffes. Among other things, he was involved “… in the building of the first St. Joseph’s Mercy Hospital and served” as Ann Arbor’s mayor from 1894-1895. “Thank you for highlighting [this] window,” Griffes continues. “I have passed by … many times, yet never took the time to notice its beauty!” Bob Maddox writes, “Thank you for urging us to take the time to observe the beautiful architecture around town. Too much of it is lost to development each year.”

We received twenty entries correctly identifying the Darling Block. Our random drawing winner is David Karl who will enjoy his $25 gift certificate at Cardamom when it reopens. (For an updated list of restaurants still operating, see “Shutdown Takeout” at AnnArborObserver.com.)

Speaking of the shutdown, we’re using our spare time to complete I Spy … Ann Arbor Architecture, Vol. 1. See our ad on p. 30 to preorder.

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